Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First day of fall

Today is officially fall, and I can't BELIEVE that it actually felt like it today! I mean, I had the windows allllll day and the air conditioner didn't even come on once. And it was set to a cool 78. Ya'll, this never happens in Texas. Never. So what did I do with this fresh and cool day? Cleaned my house. I actually cleaned the bathrooms, swept, mopped, dusted, vacuumed and did some laundry. I know, amazing right? I don't think I've mentioned lately how grateful I am to be a stay at home mom, I love every second of it and feel completely blessed that I am able to do so. The thing is though, it can be deceiving. What I mean is, I have basically nothing but time, so it's hard to get motivated to do things. Because there is literally always tomorrow. Does the carpet need to be vacuumed? Yes but, eh, I'll just do it tomorrow. Well my friends, tomorrow finally came. And I got it all done. In fact, I'm tempted to swiffer the floors one more time, just to make sure that the "clean" feeling lasts. Cause lets be honest here. Who knows when tomorrow will come again.

And isn't it amazing how much more centered you feel when the house is cleaned? I feel like my whole insides are calmer. I feel like I think better. I feel like I can take on more challenges, simply because there is no spit on my bathroom mirrors and nothing sticks to my feet when I walk around barefoot. So watch out world. Who knows what I will accomplish tomorrow now that my TV has been wiped down.
And this is just because I love him.

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Lucy Marie said...

I feel the same way as you. I function better, think better, feel better, sleep better, everything is better when my house is clean. My hubby doesn't really understand it. It gives me a sense of peacefulness and calm.

I am a full time grad student, so I spend a LOT of time working from home and I am like you, I always say "Well, ___ needs to be cleaned but I'll just do it tomorrow". I don't know why I just dont' do it more often considering I feel so much better when I do.

By the way, you look fab in that photo of you and Luke!