Friday, September 18, 2009

Hectic Day

So today everyone decided today was the day to book Ms. Lindsey. Let me start by saying I was so stressed last night that I only got 45 minutes of sleep. 5:15-6:00, when my alarm went off. Lovely. I needed to get up so early because I needed to have us completely packed and ready to go to Abilene before any of our appointments. Needless to say, I realized at about 4:45 this morning there was a good chance I would fall asleep at the wheel on our way out of town. But don't worry. As you can see we are safe, not currently walking with the Lord. Apparently there is still some kingdom work I have to do.

This morning I had an 8:00 appointment follow up for my surgery. Except when I get there the nurse tells me the dr. is out sick. Seriously? I woke up at 6 for this! So she took some x-rays and rescheduled me for Monday. I took Luke to IHOP for breakfast, which was fun as always. He got impatient waiting for breakfast, so I offered him a cracker. First he offered it to God:
Then he licked the salt off:

Next we had a follow up pediatrician appointment at 10:30 that I was able to move to 9:45. Although he still sounds terrible to the naked ear, she said that his lungs sounded much better than they did before. Whew! Monday we can start weaning the breathing treatments down from 4 a day to eventually none. We hit the road as soon as we left the office, about 10:30. We got all the way to Eastland before stopping for lunch. Where did we stop? None other than Dairy Queen! How can you travel to West Texas and not stop at such a staple? Luke had his first DQ chicken finger meal:
And he thoroughly fit in with the locals in his boots and snap shirt:

Afterwards he let me share his ice cream cone with him. Wasn't that so nice? ;)

Once we finally made it to Abilene and got checked in I realized that something in his diaper bag smelled awful. I mean AWFUL. I was so embarrassed that I made us late to the rehearsal just so I could swing by WalMart to pick up some Fabreeze. Cause what kid doesn't want a special edition cranberry scented diaper bag? The rehearsal was a rehearsal, I'm confident they will say I Do tomorrow. Then we went to a really nice dinner at one of the fancier restaurants in town. Guess who's kid was delirious with exhaustion and kept airing his feelings at the top of his lungs. That's right. My kid. It's not so much that he was fussy or crying. He was just loud. I mean LOUD. Everything from "I would like another cracker" to "Watch me bang this spoon" was said at near jet engine decibels. So I excused us early from dinner, came back, and am now trying to ignore the pair of eyes peering at me from over the edge of the pack-n-play.


Rachel said...

ha! This is awesome :) I LOVE The cowboy boots... SO precious! I didn't know you were a wedding coordinator! Wyatt hates his pack and play as well :)

Lindsey Carver said...

Thanks girl! I'm not coordinator, I'm a bridesmaid. Whoo hoo! I'll try and post some pictures of the wedding tonight or tomorrow. ;)