Friday, September 4, 2009

Clear maps

Today ECI came out again. I was really pleased with how it went! I was go glad I was able to report some of Luke's progress that he has shown over the last 4 weeks, and we have new homework so hopefully in 4 weeks I'll have even more to tell them! God has truly been faithful in continuing to work in Luke's development. What a relief.

On Tuesday (the 1st) I started a reading chart that will take me through the bible in a year. It's something Big Mama said she was doing/starting, and it got me thinking that I hadn't read through the bible in awhile so I figured I could "read" along with her. Only this time I'm not reading straight through, it's in chronological order. I have always wondered what the true time line of the bible was! It started in Genesis (duh.) but after chapter 11 I was directed to jump to Job. This is now the third time in 2 weeks that I have read Job. Do you think God is telling me something about trials that I can over come? Hellooooooo! How very fitting that my world has seemed to crash down around me in the last few months and here I am reading a story about a man who had EVERYTHING stripped, yet God was still in control and he made it out the other side better than imagine. How comforting.

Also, once I finished that and my personal study that I'm working through on baptism, I got to looking at the maps in the back of my bible. Did it not occur to anyone else that the physical location of most things in the bible happen in the same place, the names just changed over time? No? Just me? I spent about 25 minutes just flipping back and forth trying to match up the lands with all the various names. I need all of the borders/cities/countries/whatever from each time period on a clear page so that I can layer them on top of a topography of the land. Then I could really tell what was the same thing, just with a different name. Does that make sense? Kind of like the science books that have the skeleton on the page, but then each bodily system is on a clear page so you can layer them until you have a whole body. I also think my inability to visualize this all comes down to my horrid spatial capacity, which I describe in more detail here. Oh, and when I get to heaven, I will absolutely ask God why He didn't put the bible in chronological order in the first place. It drives me NUTS when things are in order. How does He stand it?

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