Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Evesdropping emergency

This morning Luke woke up wheezing really bad again, so I called and made him a doctor's appointment. They could see him at 12:15, so I got dressed so we could go to the grocery store and WalMart before hand. While we were checking out at the grocery store there were some firemen in line behind me (and yes ladies, one of them was CA-UTE! I was good though). I was almost done paying when I heard their walkie talkie dispatch lady say "There is a 911 emergency at ****** (address); child is not breathing, I repeat, child is not breathing." My heart just stopped and I turned to look at them. For some it hit me really hard. All I could picture was some mother, holding her child and hysterically crying into a phone at some stranger to hurry and help her sweet baby. Oooh, I just wanted to cry. All I could do was say a little prayer right then and there.

So we ran our groceries home and hit up WalMart. The main reason I needed to go there was to replace the humidifier Luke broke yesterday. It didn't occur to me that now since he is bigger his arms reach farther. I walked in from his nap and he had managed to knock it over and completely crack the tank in half. Water was everywhere. AWESOME! But it was time for a new one anyway. That one was from my sister's childhood I believe. She's 22.

Then we went to the pediatrician. Luke was only breathing at a 95% oxygen saturation, which is not good at all. Even after a breathing treatment he was only breathing at 97%. So now we have to do breathing treatments 4 times a day, along with his daily inhalers. Which leads to 4 times a day of this.

But a couple of minutes into the treatment he calms down due to some momma cuddles and Handy Manny. We have recently discovered Handy Manny, and Luke actually watches it! Just so you don't think the day was a whole bust, here is my sweet little man in his cowboy boots while we were out and about today. They don't stay on as well as I thought they would, but they are so darn cute I don't even care.

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