Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now I remember

Today I remembered one of the reasons why I will miss teaching. I watched 6 teacher's kids while their mother's had their "meet the teacher" day for the new school year at our church's preschool. One little girl who will be in the kindergarten class was coloring a picture. First she colored the daddy with brown hair, because her daddy had brown hair. Then she looked at me and said, "I want to be the only one in the picture with blonde hair, because I am the only one who has real blonde hair. My mom has pretend blonde hair that she gets out of a box. I'm not sure what to color to make her hair." I had to really hold it in to not laugh in her face. Ahhhhhhhhh, I sure do miss the innocent yet hysterical things they say.

As a follow up from the question/statement I posed yesterday, I got in bed about 30 minutes after posting and a response just formed in my head:

"Safety is not the absence of danger, it is the presence of Jesus…

When I first read this statement, I'm not going to lie, it made my brain a little fuzzy and I thought "Oi. Too deep." But the more I soaked in it, the more I realized it was true. Absolutely true. It doesn't need the dot-dot-dot at the end, as if trailing off into the great unknown of profound yet vague statements, but it needs a period. End of sentence. Because there is no greater safety in this world (or any other) than to be in the presence of Jesus. Now that doesn't mean to imply physical safety, if Jesus himself was not immune to pain why should we be any different, but in the presences of my great Father nothing can harm me. My life is safe for here and ever more in the hands of my Creator. So bring on the thieves in the night- my Daddy can totally beat up your daddy."

So any GRCC peeps out there, you just got a sneak peek of what will be in the update on Sunday. God might have wanted it phrased a little more eloquently, there is a good chance I took some creative liberty. Oh, and does this count as my first published article?

Since I am a terrible mother and still have not gotten a photo of Luke's fresh haircut from Monday, I will leave you with one from a couple of weeks ago. We had a play date at our friend's house and this is what he did the entire time we were there.

It does give you a pretty good "before" of his haircut, since I didn't get one of those either. Poor kid had hair in his eyes and sitting on the top of his collar like the beginnings of a mullet.

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