Sunday, December 27, 2009

Anther soap incident

You know, this afternoon I actually thought to myself "What am I  going to write about today?  I  didn't really do anything again today."  I mean, yes I went to church this morning.  Yes I went out to lunch afterwards.  Yes, after lunch Luke and I made a quickish Walmart trip.  But none of that is really worth writing about. 


Until this afternoon when I tried to steal a few quiet minutes for myself by checking facebook.  Have I told you that when you have children you get punished for taking a few quiet mintues for yourself?  I had been there maybe three minutes when I smelled something good.  Hmmmm.  I don't know what could be smelling good, but I'm sure glad it does.  Beats spill milk from last week. 

Then I got up to start dinner, and I spotted it. 

The brand new bottle of baby wash I bought today.  That still had the tamper proof seal on it.  Under the screw-on lid.  Spilled everywhere. 

I called for Daddy to come help me out of a pickle, because I knew that if I started to clean it up Luke would come over and step in it trying to figure out what he was doing.  So Cody came in and picked Sir Makes A Mess up lest he cause more trouble. And of course I had visions of the first soap incident and I asked Cody to smell his breath to check if it smelled of shae buttery sweetness, which means he swallowed some.

He laughed at me and said no. 

After I got it all clean up, I put the full trash bag out the back door to wait for trash day on Tuesday.  And obviously Luke would want to run out the door pantsless into the freezing cold before I could shut the door. 

About 15 seconds after I snapped the picture he got a bit hysterical because he realized stepping in snow causes really wet, cold socks and he was NOT a happy camper about it.

*sigh*  All because of three personal minutes for myself. 

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Lucy Marie said...

i have learned to never ever ever wonder what to write about when nothing is going on ... because something horrible and worth writing about will always happen!