Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fancy dinner

Tonight we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner.  Not the fanciest gig in town, but definintely a place that is kid-friendly yet it could be totally appropiate to wear a suit and tie.  Because Luke sure did! 

I spent the day cleaning and getting ready for Christmas morning brunch at our house.....aka- baking!  Yikes!  It took me most of the day to make Pioneer Woman's famous cinnamon rolls.  The picture in the book looks like this:

Yet mine ended up looking like this:

Maybe they will still taste okay.  I'm thinking I might have miscounted when adding the 8 cups of flour and only put in 7?  Who knows.

Tonight after our "fancy" dinner we went behind the restaurant to take Luke's picture in front of the gigantic Christmas tree.  Have you ever tried to take a 17 month old's picture while there are a million people around and an magical elevator that goes up and down?  We tried and tried.  Mom sang songs.  Ashley jumped up and down.  I made high pitch noises.  Nope.  Not one smile.  Here's the best that we got. 

And of course I had to jump in there with my more than handsome boy.

As we were leaving we got tons of compliments about how cute he was, then he got mad that I wouldn't let him play in the bushes and  he threw a fit on the floor, screaming and rolling around.  Not so cute.

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Lucy Marie said...

I hope your cinnamon buns tasted okay. They look tasty!!! I hope you had a wonderful day today. Merry Christmas to the Carvers!