Saturday, December 12, 2009

Someone's been naughty

I think Santa may need to skip our house this year.  Let me tell you what has happened in the last 24 hours. 

Last night: 
I went to take dinner to Niki.  I had been there for about 20 mintues when I get a phone call.  Cody breaks this news to me...."So, I was playing my game just now, and I look over at Luke and he has the bottle of dish soap from the kitchen sink.  I look just in time to see him take a big swig from it before I could grab it away.  Then he proceeded to throw everything up all over Daisy, who was standing right in front of him.  I just finished giving her a bath."   He had climbed up on the ottomans under the kitchen window and sink and gotten ahold of the soap bottle.  At least I wasn't home to deal with the puke.  But on the other hand, the whole incident probably wouldn't have happened in the first place because I WATCH HIM.

This morning:  Exibit A

He constructed a stable bridge out of his two push toys to stand on to reach the fuzz from my "craft station" (aka-the end of the dining room table where I've been making my Christmas  presents).

A few minutes later this morning:
He begged and begged for some of my breakfast, so when I finally gave in and gave him a blueberry, he promptly threw it on the floor for Daisy.  I would have liked to eat that.

This afternoon: 
He didn't like the direction we were headed in the food court at the mall, so he threw himself  down on the floor in the middle of everyone and rolled around before I could scoop him up. 

Didn't want to eat his dinner, only wanted to push the umbrella stroller around the house.

Later tonight:
Santa drove down the street!  Okay, so this isn't something naughty that he's done, but it was fun!  Every year the fire department has a Santa on top of a fire truck and they go up and down each street with the sirens and lights going.  Santa waves and says hello to the people who come out of their houses and throws candy for the kids.  I love it when Santa comes down the street, even before I had Luke.  This was the best picture I got, my  battery was  low in my camera. 

Exibit B (waiting) (can you see the scarf I finished knitting for him? I love it!)

Exibit C

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Lucy Marie said...

Once again I'm laughing so hard. Although, I should be careful. My time will come ... my time will come.