Thursday, December 10, 2009

Read before you judge

Here's what welcomed me this morning: (it's only a mintue long, and Daisy's end is the best part)

1. Do you  hear the dog in the background?  Daisy does that EVERY TIME he cries.  So. Annoying.  It's one of the main reasons I give in sometimes and don't want to deal with the melt down.

2.  Now before you write me off as a terrible mother who just lets her child  cry while filming it....let me tell you why he's crying.  We both had the exact same brown sugar cinnamon  toast for breakfast.  I sat at the table with mine and my coffee, he sat in his chair with his and his milk.  Then he decides he wants my toast.  Why?  I don't know.  It was the SAME.  He watched me get both pieces out of the bag.  But he wanted mine.  Not his.  So he threw this fit.  Which made the dog howl.  Which made me want to howl. 

So you know what I did as soon as I shut the camera off?  I took his little pieces of toast off his tray and put it on my plate.  Then I took a sip of coffee, ate another bite of MY toast, then gave him back a piece of HIS toast.  Voila.  He downed it like it was candy. 

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Lucy Marie said...

Clearly Mama's toast is wayyy better. I couldn't see the video but I could imagine. Our dog howls every time the train goes by. I'm curious to see what she'll do when we have a baby.