Monday, December 7, 2009

Way too busy

The last two days have been way to busy than it should be for someone who's only job is to raise a child.  Yesterday we started looking like this before church.....

And ended up running around like a mad woman at midnight trying to get my house in order for today.  I'll explain.  Church was from 9:00 to 12:00, then lunch with my parents till 1:30, then a baby shower from 2:00 to 4:00, then LTC chorus (I'm helping to direct it this year) from 4:00 to 5:00.  When I got home I started picking up the disaster that was my house, put Luke to bed, cleaned more, went to Walmart at 9 and got a yummy-but-awful-for-your-artries What-a-burger on the way home.  I didn't finish getting things straightened until midnight.  Grandmother was coming over this morning to watch Luke and I didn't want to be embarrassed by the state of my house. 

So then today rolls around.  I had an appointment with the oral surgeon this morning to get my post traded out- I'm all ready for my new tooth!  I just need to make an appointment with my regular dentist (he's the one to make the tooth and fit it).  The only problem is the dr had to snap in this cover over it so that no food or anything could get trapped in the post before the new tooth gets put in there, and it's bright white.  Now I look like Mr. Wilson in Dennis the Menace, when Dennis replaces Mr. Wilson's two front teeth with chicklets.  Now, my tooth isn't up front like that, but it is forward enough that you can is it when I smile/laugh/talk too much.  :(  I am soooo embarrassed I might hide out for the next month until it's fixed.  Is the Lord teaching me not to be vain?  I think so.

(And if you're new and wondering what all this is about, I have had a baby tooth that never fell out and never had an adult replacement tooth, so back in September I finally had to have it pulled due to a cavity and surgery to have a steel rod implanted in my gum to support a new fake tooth.  Awesome huh?   Blec.)

Then I came home and got Luke and went to the grocery store for cookie supplies.  More on why I'm making cookies tomorrow.  I came home and made about 100 lemon peel meringues.  Mmmmm.  Then we had lunch and Luke went down for his nap.  Finally I started on the ironing and I ironed from 2:00 to 6:00.  FOUR HOURS.  And I still have 5 more shirts.  This is all Cody's work clothes, he's finally chosen to save money and not take them to the dry cleaners.  But heaven help me if I have to do this every week.  I don't think I'll be able to handle it. 

All of this finally leads up to tonight.

Tonight was another going away party for a family at church that's in our group.  So sad.  I enjoyed the fellowship and panini's that we made, but I hate that we had to have another going away party.  Why can't we all just be a people that stays put?!  I hope I didn't just jinx anything.

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Lucy Marie said...

I feel for you about your tooth. The summer between grade 12 and university, I had veneers put on my two front teeth, but first they had to shave a bit off the sides and front of my real teeth, so the veneers could be placed over top. I had to go for 2 weeks with these little tiny funny looking teeth before my replacements were ready.