Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Morning started off with sugar cookie making.  You know, for Santa.  Yeah right.  Unfortnantly Luke wouldn't have much to do with the cookie dough, or the flour, or rolling, or anything. 

And tonight was Christmas at Nana's!   We had a nice steak dinner (don't worry, Luke stuck with the veggies)  and then we opened presents.  SOMEONE really enjoys ripping the paper, although he has yet to figure out all that work comes with a prize at the end. 

Ashley got him a Bass Pro camo hat!

Mom and Dad got him (among other things) a Pottery Barn chair! 

And the box it came in.

Sister got me a super soft scarf, earrings, and a mug that has Einstein's picture on it and it says "Coffe makes me smarter"  HA! (BTW, she LOVED  the apron and cookbook, I'll do a post in a couple of days of all the things I made this year)

Then we came home and wrote Satna a letter:

Left him milk and cookies:

Then read A Night Before Christmas:

The tradition (for the second year in a row, if that can be called a tradition) has been seen, so now all we can do is see if Santa makes a stop here!

(also, it has been SNOWING all day today!  This afternoon it almost looked like a blizzard the way it was coming down so hard and swirling in the wind.  Here is our patio when we got home tonight.)

It took me a minute to realize that was our garden hose!

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Lucy Marie said...

I love that picture of him sitting on the hearth .. so cute! I cannot believe you have more snow than us ... still none!!