Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

That's right, tonight we went and visited Santa!  My sister came home today so I waited until she was ready and we drove over to Bass Pro Shop to visit the awesome Santa they have there.  We got there about 3:30, and guess what?  No Santa until 5.  Seriously?  What's the point of being a stay at home mom if you can't beat the rush by doing things when all the suckers have to work? 

Just kidding. 

Kind of.

I didn't want to go all the way home just to come back (it's a good 20 minute drive over to Grapevine.  Quite a journey.), so we went over to the mall to kill some time.  I enjoyed myself by singing Jingle Bells loundly slightly off key to embarrass Ashely.  It was awesome. 

When we got back to Bass Pro at 4:50 there was already a line 30 people deep.  *sigh*  Again.  What is the point.  But we stood in line and finally got our turn. (excuse the red eyes, I'm too tired right now to go back and touch them up.  And also Ashley cut the reindeer out of the picture, he's off to the right side.  No biggie, the free one from the store has it in there.) (also, I was kind of hoping I would get the crazy screaming hysterical picture.  Except my kid has no stranger danger and could care less who holds him.)

Then we walked around the store and took pictures of Luke in various locations.  Why?  Because I can. 

Also, I could not keep that boy off the ATV's.

Then on the way home I stopped at the store and got things to make a salad for dinner, due to a very heavy breakfast and lunch.  And I got the fixings to make Pioneer Woman's blackberry cobbler tomorrow.   mmmmmmmm......I love me some blackberry cobbler. 


Lucy Marie said...

I love the picture of Luke on the Redhead Truck! Those are the kinds of photos my hubby is going to want when we have babies.

Also, you and I sound so alike - a few weeks ago I was shopping with my Mom and SIL and I started singing Hark the Herald Angels sing at the top of my lungs while walking down the street. They were both so embarrassed!

Mandy said...

Which cobbler are you making? I've made both of her recipes and they're delicious. The one that turned out best was the simpler one with only like 4 ingredients (not the one with the biscuit-y topping.) Enjoy!