Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's cold. Again.

So yesterday it was beautiful.  It was in the lower 70's, flip flops on, no jackets, wonderful.  Luke and I went to visit my friend Niki and baby Riley yesterday morning, and he had a fun time with their chocolate lab teenage dog.  I say teenage because she's not really a puppy anymore, but still to hyper to be a full adult.  Your basic teen.  At one point he even crawled in Sadie's big kennel, at which point I closed it and grabed Niki's camera sitting on the coffee table.  When she up loads the picture and sends it to me, I'll share. 

The rest of the day was spent at home doing laundry, cooking dinner, and sanding/painting  a mirror.  My grandmother bought L a mirror for his Christmas present (per my request) because I took the one out of his room and put it over my bed.  It didn't match the style of the room anyway.  The new mirror looks fabulous!  If I remember tomorrow I'll get a picture of it and share.  He's just been asleep for 2 1/2 hours now, and with as touchy as sleep has been lately I'm not about to flip on the light, snap a picture, and bolt. 

Today was a whole different story.  I got up and took out the trash and it was COLD.  I mean COLD.  I was so bummed that the temp had dropped again.  How long until spring? 

Tonight I had dinner with a couple of girl friends and I had to wear a jacket and a scarf and actual shoes!  Boo.  But we had a great dinner.  It was just the three of us and a five week old baby who slept through the whole thing.  There was no 1 year old or two 2 year olds to interupt us, so we got LOTS and LOTS of talking in!  Lukie was with just his Papa this evening, since Mom had a prior engagement, and I know he enjoyed his "boys night".  ;)  It's a good thing I asked them to babysit and didn't count on Cody doing it, because it turned out he had to work late.  Poor guy!

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Lucy Marie said...

Oh no .. poor you .. a scarf, a jacket and actual shoes???? You poor dear. How about the three pairs of mitts, scarf, hat and furry boots I've been wearing?