Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa's second round

Tonight was Santa's second round of visitation!  But first, let's start with last night....

We got up yesterday morning and got right in the car.  We drove the whole 4 hours WITHOUT stopping.  Now, that does sound crazy BUT..... Luke was actually doing good and we hated to stop and jinx it.  When we are in the car for longer than an hour or so he get really really restless and screamy.  Yes, I said screamy.  It's a word, okay?  But this particular morning he was not screamy so we just busted it to get home.  I'm glad he did good, because Momma didn't do so great.

I was so hungry when we got home I was a force to be reckoned with.

When Momma growls, feed her.

So we got home, had lunch, got Luke down for his nap, and then I had to get ready for rehersal at 4 and make sandwiches for the soup/sandwich dinner after the service.  Rehersal went really well, and our performance went even better!  (FYI- I sang in the chours at the candle light service at church last night) 

By the time we got home I was EXHAUSTED, and I literally fell into bed after I put The Boy down. 

Today was filled with ironing and baking.  I got fussed at this morning for not having got it sooner, so I spent pretty much the whole day catching up.  Then we ran to the store for the ingrediants to make cranberry chutney and another blackberry cobbler.  Yes, it was that good.  And this time we have left overs!  My tounge rejoices and my pants groan in defeat. 

And finally......Santa's second round came tonight.  We went over to Grandmother's house (my other grandmother lives about 4 minutes away from us) and all of my Dad's side of the family got together for dinner and gift exchange.  Well, all but one cousin and his wife.   Luke actually got into tearing the paper this time!  You know, when he could be pried  away from playing down the hall with the cabinets. 

At this point you maybe wondering where the pictures are.  Oh, there are pictures all right, just not on my camera.  It's called Momma-was-to-lazy-to walk-down-the-hall-to-get-her-own-camera and also called I-will-mooch-off-of-Mom(Nana)-tomorrow.  Since I only forsee laundry, the never ending laundry, on my list of things to do tomorrow, I'll just post pictures then to save you from boring sentences about how I hate laundry.  Because I really hate laundry.  Really.

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Lucy Marie said...

Sounds fun. Can't wait to see pictures.