Saturday, December 26, 2009

Homemade Christmas

Since (as predicted) I did NOTHING but sit on the couch and watch bad tv I thought it would be the prefect time to show you the presents I made this year.

Ashley's apron:

Parent's and in-law's monogram that I drew up:

Coasters for all of the grandparents: (rats.  I just realized I didn't take a picture of any of them before I gave them away, so this is the fabric and you can use your imagination.  Some were round, some were square, depended on what I had!)

Okay, that was only three different presents, but it covered most of my bases.  I made a coupon book for Cody, but I don't think you want to see that.  And Cody gave his brother a sweater and I ended up just giving Cody's sister the cookbook.  I wanted to make her an apron too, but I ran out of time and I figured since she was in college she wouldn't really want one any way.  Sorry Cory!  I'll make you one for graduation!  ;) 

And here's what Luke's been making......

A big fat mess with his new game "Let's crawl into the bottom of the entertainment center and pull all of Momma's FRIENDS dvd's and decorations and stand on them."  and the tried-and-true game of "Let's pull out every single toy stored in the living room and run off."  Guess who ends up the loser at the end of the day?  That's right.  Me.


Lucy Marie said...

You are so crafty! Love it all. My MIL made an apron for me this year - it looks like it's a similar style to that one.

April said...

Check you out, girl!! I love the momgrammed frames, and the fabrics you used for the coasters .. so fun!!
Oh the days when pulling everything out of cupboards was the funnest thing to do .... oh wait! My 3 year old still likes to do this. Sigh.