Saturday, December 5, 2009


First of all, do you like my new name?  I think this is what I'm going to go with for forever.  They shouldn't make you pick your name right off the bat when you get a blogger account, you don't know what direction the blog will go in!  Well, at least I didn't.  At first I thought it was going to be about our family, but that didn't really happen.  Then I thought it was more about me being Luke's mom, but I really do try not to talk about him 100%, for all those non-mom's out there that don't really care about other people's kids. 

Plus he's not 100% of my life. 

Only about 99%. 

Just kidding. 

So I've finally gone with This Texas Momma because I feel like it best describes in a couple of words who I am and what I write about.  ME!  And as I've written in my updated profile, there is a personal meaning to it.  Now if I could only figure out how to change the title on other people's blogs when they have me listed on their blog roll call. 

Now back to the title of this post.  I lost something today.  :(  I took Luke to dinner at this cute little bakery (I've cooked two really good meals in a row, I was totally tapped out.) and when we left I bundled us back up to get in the car.  I KNOW I put my scarf on before we left there.  Then I stopped at Khol's to see if they had the same holiday frames as last year, only with 2009 on it (which they didn't.  Figures.).  On my way home I realized I didn't have on my scarf.  Where did it go?  I do NOT remember taking it off in Khol's.  It was double-threaded around my neck, so there's no way it just "fell off", but where it is remains a mystery.  I even called them.  Why I'm really upset is because it was one of the very first scarfs that I ever knitted, and it made a matching hat for it.  Now my hat is friendless.  *so sad* 

Tonight I was a sewing machine. 

*jab jab* Get it?! 

Sorry about that.  But I really was productive.  I am thisclose to finishing my secret Christmas project, and I made a present for a baby shower tomorrow all after Sir Turkey went to bed. 

Won't that be so cute with a little pair of jeans?  The girl had a c-section a week and a half ago, and the didnt' find out the sex of the baby until he was born.  I don't think I could ever do that.  And don't worry, I did put money in on the hostess gift, so I don't look like a fool with just a little onesie.  Even if it is the cutest thing ever and I want my baby to shrink just so I can put it on him.  Maybe I'll make him one on a plain white shirt......


Anonymous said...

I like the new name. Makes me wish I could think of something fun and fitting not just a boring title like mine on my blog. I also changed it on my blog roll so don't worry about that! Merry Christmas!

Lucy Marie said...

So cute. Love the onesie. Come leave here so when I have babies you can make them so many cutie cute cute outfits, kay?