Thursday, March 4, 2010

Copy Cat

We all know children copy their parents.  We all know they like to shadow.  My shadow has picked up on a few things.  Maybe that's how he knew to lock the door.  Or blow his nose.  Now he's a pro at sewing.....

Typing on the computer...

(excuse the giant mess on the dinning room table, it's the reason the sewing machine is out and I'll tell you about what's going on later.  Get excited!)

And even what to do with the oven mit.  Obviously I cook all the time for him to want to immulate this.

Oh who am I kidding.  It's a fluke. 

He's also watched me empty dishwasher enough to know where things go (as well as play with all my pans enough to remember where he got those big flat metal toys).  When it's time to put the dishes away, first he will put up his spoons, then any cookie sheets and pots and pans.  That's all the things that are located on ground level, so after that he just hands me plates and cups and stuff. 

One things he does that he is NOT copying from me is laying on the floor, screaming, and thrashing all body parts around to protest the "no" I just told him.  It's lovely.  Where do kids get that from?  I mean, the stamping of the feet and screaming, I get that.  Heck.  I still do that.  But the full out tantrum on the floor?  Come on kid. 


Lucy Marie said...

The pic of him on the computer is so cute. It looks like he's really concentrating on something. And how nice that he has picked up where the dishes go and likes to help you put them away :)

Anonymous said...

Monkey see..Monkey do! haha Better watch it! :)