Thursday, March 18, 2010


Mom, Luke, and I went shopping this morning.  I laid out all of the summery clothes in size 24 months that we have bought here and there on sale and took note of all the holes.  The child had 5 pairs of plaid shorts, and only 2 of them had polos to go with them.  He had no denim and no khaki shorts or pants.  So the shopping was on.  He is now competely decked out, and no one better ever buy him another polo until he grows into the next size.  I think we topped out at 13.

I'm also a little ashamed to admit that we bought him.......*gasp* shorts.  But they are ONLY for nap time.  Yesterday's diaperless fiasco (again) led Mom to a great revelation.  Why not buy him something super comfortable to nap in that will make the diaper inaccessable?  Brilliant.  So now Luke owns a little piece of sports ware, and it was not a moment to soon.  When I came home and tried to put him donw for a nap, guess what happened again.  Yep.  As soon as I left it was off with the diaper.  Only this time I came in armed with the shorts and successfully navigated a fully diapered nap.

After I was sure he was asleep I hit the front lawn again.  Two bags of weeds later, I think I'm done for awhile.  Mom and Dad brought a pizza over for dinner, and they could tell that the lawn was MUCH better.  I think I can handle a bunch of church ladies coming over on Sunday for a baby shower.  I was just so embarrassed.  Also, I didn't want anyone to think poorly of Cody.  I know we may not be in the best place marital wise, but I still don't want anyone to think that Cody is falling down on his lawn care job.  Plus as a bonus my toes are now nice and tan from three days of working in the sun with flip flops on. 

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