Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is here!

This morning I was feeling a little kicky, so I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  At first Luke just licked the icing off and said "Mmmmmmm!" after eat finger full, but then he finally started taking bites. 

He got icing everywhere.

After breakfast I cleaned him up and moved on to sort the laundry, when I hear lots of giggling.  Finally  I went in search for him and found him with the camera, which I had mistakenly left on the table.  He figured out how to turn it on, and how to take pictures.   He took 49, yes, 49 pictures that all look like this. 

And this.

And some with his finger over the lens.   

I'm going to love sitting around deleting all of those.

Later, after naptime, I loaded up Luke and Kayden into the car and we took a field trip to Sonic for my Dr. Pepper, and the grocery store.  It was such an absolutely gorgeous day that I thought Lukie needed a treat, so I bought him his very first apple juice slushie from Sonic.  I waited until we got to the grocery store to give it to him, lest it all end up on his shirt and pants in the car, and he was in HOG HEAVEN.  That kid did not let the straw come out of his mouth the entire trip.  He nursed it all the way home and when we got inside. 

Love it.  This face totally says "Hey, I know what that thing does, lemme play with it!  I love that camera thing!"  No, son.  No. (and don't you just love him in flip flops.  I LOVE them!)

Then we went out back and he would take a drink, set it down to run off, but then come right back for it.  Kayden watch the birds fly by in his car seat while I pulled three trash bags of weeds and you can't even tell I was out there.  I'm afraid of two things.....#1 that we will still have out of control weeds this year even though I've pre treated for them and #2 that my back will be useless tomorrow due to an inordinate amount of time bent over pulling them today.  Only time will tell for both.


Lucy Marie said...

MMm .... come make me some cinnamon buns please.

Anonymous said...

Well, he has seen his mommy take a photo or two. haha Love his flip flops! I noticed them immediately! Such a little sweetheart! :)