Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend out of town

So let me start back on Friday morning.  Friday morning was like any other morning.  We got up, ate breakfast, and played.  Luke was playing in the living room so I went back to my room and made the bed.  As I finished making the bed I turned around and there was Luke. 


No pajama's.  No diaper.  Just naked.

As I gasped loudly I scooped him up and quickly ran to dress him again, lest he pee pee everywhere. 

The rest of the morning went normally.  We ate lunch on time.  I put him down for a nap on time.  Cody comes home in the middle of nap time and Luke is STILL talking in bed.  Just jibber jabbering away.  Cody can't stand the thought of him being awake and just sitting in bed, so he goes into his room. What is Luke doing?  Standing in bed.

Naked.  Again. 

No wonder the child wasn't asleep.  I didn't see any big wet spots around as we were howling with laughter and putting clothes back on him.  *whew!*  Then we got packed up, because we were driving to College Station for a wedding, and I figured that it was okay that he didn't get a nap since we would be in the car for 3 hours.  He could just sleep on the way, right? 

Wrong.  The trip ended up taking 4 hours and he didn't sleep a wink.  No big deal, he wasn't in a bad mood and so I just thought, "Well, when we get to the rehersal dinner I'll get some food, sit him in my lap, and he can go to sleep while I eat.  Then he won't be running around and be a huge distraction.  This could work."  Good plan right?

Wrong.  Still didn't sleep.  He didn't end up sleeping until we got to Cody's aunt and uncle's house late that night.  This child was awake from 7:45 to 10:30 without being in an awful mood at all.  It was a Christmas miracle.  Except it wasn't Christmas. 

Saturday morning he woke up at his normal time, 7:30, and while I was bummed to not get to stay in Phyllis' comfy bed later than that, I was hoping this would mean Luke would stay on some type of schedule.  I was right.  In fact, he even let me put him down for his nap an hour early and he still passed out as soon as I left the room.  Which was good, because he only got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep before I had to wake him up to go to the wedding.  Our friend of ours that we grew up with, Alan, got married to a lovely girl, Lisa.  It was a beautiful outdoor wedding.  I had never been to one of those!  Cody and I had a great time catching up with lots of old friends, and Luke had a ball running around the grounds with Grandad chasing him (we drove up with Cody's parents).  I even let Luke bust out his Easter outfit, and he was the cutest kid at the whole shin-dig. 
(due to his rather short neck, you can't really see his tie, but he has one on in there)

(the closest I got to a family picture.  I was mad at myself for forgetting to get one!  But you know me.  I got caught up in the event and forgot to take pictures.)

After it was over we hit the road again to come home.  I figured after running around the entire afternoon Luke would sleep in the car ride home, right?  WRONG!  Holy moly that kid didn't even doze off once in all the hours we were in the car.  I guess there were too many airplanes to spot or clouds to stare at.  We got home at 10:15 last night, so I just washed his hair quickly (come on, he had been out side and today was church day) and put him to bed.  When I went to check on him later he hadn't moved from the spot I laid him in.  And the poor kid had to be woken up to go to bible class this morning. 

Tonight instead of small groups, the few of us that were still in town due to spring break met at the park and just had fun.  The weekend of sleep deprivation caught up to us though, and by 6:30 we were headed home due to major meltdowns.  Now all is quiet in the Carver house.  :)  Ahhhhh......

All in all we had a fantastic  weekend.  It was so nice not to have to drive to College Station, and I always enjoy staying with Ray and Phyllis.  As we were leaving Phyllis even gave me an extra copy of Beth Moore's new book!  I was thrilled and I can't wait to start it.  It deals with insecurity and I'm sure Miss Beth will have lots of things for me to learn in it.  It was so sweet of her! 

I believe I will end this weekend with some quality time with the DVR.  A new episode of Who Do You Think You Are was on Friday night, and I am interested to see where Emmit Smith came from....

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Lucy Marie said...

Glad to read the update on your weekend. Enjoy the book!