Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jehovah's Witness saves the day

There is no real intro to what happened this morning.  All I can do is start talking.

At about 9:45 this morning we were up, Luke had eaten breakfast and was playing, I was eating my pancakes and getting caught up on the computer.  There was a knock at the door.  It was Jehovah's Witnesses (ladies this time, I've never seen lady JW before) and Luke and I hid while the dog barked at them.  You know, her YIP YIP YIP.  They left, we went back to what we were doing, and I had a post brewing in my head about why do I feel guily about not answering the door when it's MY house?  It's my choice right?  But that's not what I'm here to tell you about. 

A good hour later I realize that the day is going to get pretty warm, so I need to go out to the garage and look at the pre-emergent fertilizer that I bought yesterday, lest I wait to long, it not be effective, and we've got weedapallooz again this year.  I tried to get Luke to put his shoes on so he could play in the backyard while I figured out how to work this stuff, but he wouldn't so I made him stay inside.  Now before you get all "CPS! CPS!  Child left unattended!" I was only going out to read the directions of what do to, therefore only going to be gone a couple of minutes.  As soon as I shut the back door behind me Luke tried his darn best to get that door open by twisting the door knob. 

Guess what I forgot was on the door knob?  A push lock.  Do you see where I'm going with this?

After a couple of minutes of reading the directions on the fertilizer pagkage, I get a game plan in my head of how to attack the lawn and try to get back inside.

The door is locked.  Locked.  From the inside.  Where my child is.  Alone. 

My mind went blank and then started racing.  What do I do?  Where do I go?  Who do I call?  What do I call on?  Will anyone be home?  I didn't have my cell phone, therefore I knew not a one phone number.  I know pretty much all of my neighbors are at work.  Finally I run next door to try and start the knocking process, when who do I see? 

The Jehovah's Witness ladies. 

Oh man, I'm gonna have to ask them for help, aren't I Lord?  He said yes.  So I did.  I sucked it up and asked them if they had a cell phone.  Of course they were nice as could be and handed one right over.  But then I told them I was locked out, my 20 month old was in there, and I had no idea who to call.  Then one of the ladies asked if it was a push lock or a dead bolt.  I said push lock, and she said she knew how to jimmy it open with a credit card.  WHAT.  You've got to be kidding.  She said she got locked out of her house not too long ago and she managed to get back in this way.  So we all trooped back to the garage and after jiggling and pushing and scraping for several long minutes (and chit chatting with the other lady, because really, what was I to do?), she GOT IT OPEN.  And there was my child, laughing at the big panicky game he had created.  Then we all hugged, they gave me their book, and were on their way. 

Maybe they were sent to my neighborhood this morning to convert someone, or maybe they were just sent to help a poor helpless soul back into her house. 

Either way, the only injury sustained was by my pancake plate, which I had left on the computer desk and SOMEONE was trying to be sneaky and play on the computer while Momma was no where to be found.  (yes, that's strawberry syrup everywhere)

(and I guess you could say my pride sustained injury too, in the course of the chit chat the lady commented that I was the one with scripture on the door.  She didn't, however, comment that it was also the door with the YIP YIP YIPping dog and the kid giggling and no adult answering the knocking.)
And here is the culprit with my new reading material.

And if you are wondering where Kayden was today his momma was fortuantly/unfortunantly sick today so his grandma was at his house taking care of them.  Good thing, cause I have no idea how I would have explained that to her.  Also, I have a plan formed of how to avoid this for next time, but like I'm gonn tell you!  You might break in my house!


Lucy Marie said...

This story isn't any less funny the 3rd time around. I love love love it.

Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment with kids!! So are you going to answer the door the next time they come a-knocking?? :)

Anonymous said...

I laugh at this story because it sounds like something that would happen to me!

Melanie said...

Haha, David and I got locked in the backyard this weekend too. Luckily Madison was with us. Glad you got back in and Luke was ok on his own for a while.