Monday, March 22, 2010

My little helper

First off, I want to say PRAISE JESUS for the beautiful weather that came back today.  Yes, we may have had snow on the ground yesterday morning, but that was a distant memory today as my curtains fluttered in the mild breeze of a lower 70's day.  The sun was a beautiful thing.  (and just so you know, today is the kind of day that is a perfect example of why I keep my camera in my pocket at home)

This morning as I was making my bed, I realized that my shadow wasn't there handing me pillows and "fluffing" them (smacking the middle really hard).  I wrapped up the chore alone and went in search of him.  He met me in the hallway looking like this.  (okay, so you can't see really well in the picture, but his face is covered with crumbs)

You see, I made a rookie mistake today.  I had been storing an extra cake from yesterday on the washing machine and today when I started laundry I absently mindedly put it on the kitchen table.  And someone found it when Momma wasn't looking. 

I clean it all up and get out the ironing.  I didn't do any ironing last week, and poor Cody only had one ironed shirt to choose from this morning.  Oops!  I get the board out, set it up, then get the clothes out and lay them down, THEN go get the iron.  This way no one gets curious about the dangerous appliance while my back is turned.  When I return to the room I see this. 

One child working up a fuss to get OFF of the floor, one child making a mess to play ON the floor, and a dog on my clean laundry.  At least this time she was semi clean, unlike last time.  So I got all settled in and started to iron.  Luke is running around like a mad man, and he eventually finds my thermometer.  As I'm ironing, I look around me and see this.

Did you know walls needed their temperature taken?  Then later Luke was eating lunch (yes, this was all before lunch) and I started emptying the dishwasher.  Who needs to eat peanut butter and jelly when there are dishes to put away?  They were all the dessert plates and cups and saucers from the shower so I was a little nervous about him handling my Fiesta Ware.  But he handed me the plates very nicely.   When we got to the top rack where the cups were, he stood on his very tippy toes to get one of the teacups out.  Then he takes off running.  Panicked, I follow him.  But look what he was doing!

Do I have me a smart boy or what?  I didn't have the heart to take it out and put it up in the cabinet where it really belonged right there in front of him, so I just gave him a high five and told him thank you and moved it during nap time.  I love that kid.


Anonymous said...

Of course you have a smart boy! A precious one too. I love that kid too! :)

~Luke's Nana~

Lucy Marie said...

He he he. What a sweet little helper!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a cute boy....Love your blog.....I am doing some fun blog hopping tonight.
Great post....Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a giveway that I am drawing for this Friday...