Monday, October 25, 2010

8 weeks

Yay for 8 weeks!  I feel like I'm finally starting to move up on the time line, after my little set back.  What a good feeling!  And speaking of good feelings, I got most of my house work done today.  The only thing I didn't do was clean the bathrooms.  I napped instead.  And you know what?  I"m okay with that.  I'm gonna have to start getting used to things not being done when/where/as fast as I want as I start slowing down and then have the baby.  I really wasn't going to nap today either.  But the house was so quiet, and the unmade bed was  luring me in.  I was powerless.

Changing the subject, there are some of my  favorite combinations are buttery cake with fluffy buttercream icing; hot coffee on a cold morning; a trashy magazine on a sunny day next to a pool; holding hands with my husband while watching our boy gleefully running around.

Some of my not so favorite combinations would be a hungry momma fighting a hungry child about what's for lunch (he ended up falling asleep on his bed without lunch. oops.); changing 6 poopy diapers with a gag reflex on high; waking up from a nap with a tummy ache and the hiccups (oh that was NOT a good combination).  Unfortunately I had all of the things today.  In one day.  But luckily it ended up with another of my favorite combinations: dinner with friends.  A dinner at the Coulters that ended up with Luke trying to drink out of my water cup and dumping it all over himself and me.  And then laughing hysterically about it. 

And now for the update!

(I was gonna put on the same stuff from last week, but I decided I really hated those shorts so I didn't.  And I didn't want to mess with trying to do it myself, I made Cody do it this time.)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 8 Weeks

Size of baby: a kidney bean

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still unknown.  But I do to the dr on Thursday, so next week I'll have something

Maternity Clothes: Still hanging on to regular clothes.  In fact, I bought a pair of jeans after Luke that are a size bigger than I normally wear (when I thought I would never get back down to normal size), which I have on in the picture.  They're still baggy!

Gender: I decided this weekend what to do about the furniture/bedding situation, and now I'm thinking I don't really NEED to know until the baby's born.....soooooooo........tonight I tossed the idea around of waiting.  But I haven't broached the subject with Cody, and I truly thought it through anyway.  I will probably go back and  forth until the sono and then I'll just HAVE to know!

Movement: Nope, not yet.

Sleep: I've had trouble sleeping some nights, but mostly that's because I can't seem to turn my brain off at night!

What I miss: Been majorly missing my Dr. Pepper.  I would kill for one right this very instance.  At almost 11 at night.

Cravings: Chili cheese fries!  I haven't really gotten to have any in a couple of weeks, but I'm thinking about them a lot.  A lot.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  chiiiiiili cheeeeeeeeeeese friiiiiiiiiies.

Symptoms: Still the boobs, and just nauseous every now and then.  Like this afternoon, with hiccups.  Blec.

Best Moment this week: Unknown


Lucy Marie said...

You should keep it a surprise!! It's the best!

Kendra and Nick said...

Remember the cheese fries we got every Monday at Lytle? Good times! I want to crave gem with you!