Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I almost forgot about it this year.  What kind of mother would I be if I did that?!  But, I did remember about the ole patch at the last minute, and luckily Kayden wasn't here today (I wasn't about to attempt to tote one kid around while trying to get pictures of the other all by myself), so today it was.  I wasn't expecting much from my boy seeing as we all know he hates to get his picture taken and refuses to look at the camera or attempt a smile. 

Good thing today I came prepared.  Prepared to bribe a look my way with Smarties.  And it ALMOST worked.  If it hadn't been for all the mayhem from 50 billion preschool class trips I might have caught his attention even more.  But, I was pleased to get a couple of good pictures.

The first one is my favorite.  And sorry about another gimpy hand in the second one.  He was reaching for the Smarties.  Most pictures I took looked like this.

Him just staring off at all the other things going on.  He wouldn't even answer to my YELLING his name.  Totally off in la la land.  Oh well, this is why my hopes weren't up.  After the pumpkin patch I wanted to go to a couple of different stores, but my shoes were killing me and I was starved, so we ran home to eat really quick and change shoes before getting back out.  Mistake!  By the time we were done eating I was exhausted, so I figured we would just go after nap time.  And bonus- it would be Sonic happy hour by then and I would splurge on a Dr. Pepper.  Mmmmmmmmm, I could taste it.

I was feeling rather cuddly, so I let Luke take a nap in my bed with me.  This was a first!  It took forever for him to stop staring at me and giggling, but eventually we fell asleep.  When we woke up it was 3:30, and I didn't wanna go anywhere.  *sigh*  I didn't even want a DP anymore.  What is wrong with me?  Oh that's right, it was afternoon sickness, that lasted until evening sickness.  We didn't even go to church tonight.  Needless to say I didn't wanna make dinner, so I popped some fish sticks into the oven, whipped up some mac 'n cheese, and was done with it.  Then I felt like the worst mother ever.  I've fed Luke the worst dinners over the last few days.  Sunday night- all he would eat was the sweet potatoes from Boston Market  Monday night- hot dogs at the Coulter's  Tuesday night- pizza at Grandmother's  Wednesday night- fish sticks and macaroni.  Geez.  I used to be so good about feeding him all healthy all the time.  There's always tomorrow, right?


Anonymous said...

What cute photos! I'm glad ya'll got to go. Don't worry about the dinners lately. He's a healthy boy and will be fine. :)

~Luke's Nana~

Liam's Mom said...

I lurv the one with his arm around the pumpkin. And don't worry about bad dinners. All Liam seems to eat these days is chicken nuggets (and no matter how small we cut them, he still stuffs his mouth so he has choking hazards too). w00-h00 great parenting in the Rogers house :)