Saturday, October 30, 2010


My day today started at 6:10.  Well, actually it was closer to 5 when I woke up with horrid allergies again, but it was 6:10 that was set on the alarm.  And 6:10 when I got out of bed.  Why, do you ask, would I ever get up on a Saturday at such an ungodly hour? 

Because it was Canton day.  That's right.  A day when all the women folk in the family gather and spend an entire day shopping.  Some enjoy the all day part a little more than others, but we all survived.  (and you may not know what Canton is, and for that I am sorry.  Canton is a town in East Texas.  In this town is the largest trade show/craft fair/junk sale you have ever seen.  I'm talking acres and acres and acres.  Still interested?  Read about it here.)

Now is about the time where you need to say "Bless that girl's family for putting up with her today." and shaming me, because I'm just gonna tell it like it is- I'm a terrible marathon shopper.  After about 2 hours I'm done.  My back hurts.  My legs hurt.  Today the pregnancy was causing some dizziness.  So this meant I was done shopping by 11.  We didn't leave until 5.  That left hours and hours of complaining in between.  Grandy actually came with us, and he rented a scooter for himself since he doesn't hold up like he used to either.  But the dude's got an excuse.  He's 79.  And what did my sweet grandfather do?   He let me take turns on the scooter.  Yep.  I was probably the youngest person there today hitching a ride and I didn't care.  Later when I told Cody about it he looked at me incredulously and said "You rode a fat people mobile?"  Yep.  With no shame.

I did come away with some good purchases though.  I .....shhhhhhhhhh....... took $40 out of Cody's wallet before I left and put it to good use.  I bought some creme brulee flavored chai tea that is AMAZING, some cinnamon sugar pecans (for Cody, to be sweet and let him know I was thinking about him and maybe to secretly say thank you for the money), some cinnamon sugar almonds for me (because I needed something sweet after lunch), a pair of sun glasses, a pretzel, and a picture frame.  I'm super excited about the picture frame, it's my first purchase for the new baby!  It's black, to match the furniture, and it has the saying "Before you were conceived, I wanted you, before you were born, I loved you, before you were here and hour, I would die for you, this is the miracle of love." printed on it.  That is one of my very favorite sayings about my children, I actually had it put on Luke's birth announcement too.  Anyway, big moment for baby's first purchase!

I dozed on the way home, and when we got back to Mom's house I took a bubble bath.  A very cool bubble bath to keep baby safe, but a bath none the less.  It was goooooooood.  Then we all had hamburgers and cake for dinner and I came home. 

So all in all, it was a great day.  I may have complained, but I'm glad I went.  Time with family is never wasted.  And you may have wondered where Luke was in all of this.  Dad didn't go with us, and Cody had to work overtime today (such a hard worker for our family!) so Dad was on baby duty.  Not that it was really "duty".  Luke was just thrilled to have the day with him.  When we got back he didn't even bat an eye at me.  It's all about Papa.  They went to the electronics store, they had lunch, they took a nap, they played and played outside.   Getting him back home was the trick.  But now he's tucked away for the night, and I'm about two button punches behind him.

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