Monday, October 18, 2010

Quirky kid and 7 weeks

Originally I was just going to start my weekly pregnancy update today and be done with the post.  But then the kid I already have decided to be cute and weird today and I wanted to include that too.  Lucky for you, I get to do my new found weekly updates on Monday, which will save you the boredom of having to listen to my Monday-cleaning woes. 

Except for right now.  See, I was trying to get the bathrooms scrubbed, and tired of fending off 2 year old interruptions, so I put on a movie.  The only problem is Luke hates it when I put on a movie.  Not kidding.  The moment he saw me sit down in front of the DVD player he ran and got in bed.  And stayed there for 10 minutes.  Finally Finding Nemo sucked him in and he settled in to watch.  And when I say "settled in" I mean "hid as much of himself from the movie as he could while still watching".

See his little head in the couch.  Literally, in the couch.  He got down behind the couch cushions, right up against the back frame.  And I had to put the baby proof lock on the cabinet so Kayden wouldn't open 'er up and punch all the buttons.  He wasn't quite as into the movie as Luke was.  But hey.  I got all the cleaning done.

Now to what you are really here for, right?  Just kidding.  If pregnancy stuff is boring to you, stop reading.......NOW!

(I will attempt to wear this each week.....hopefully the shorts will make it)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 7 Weeks

Size of baby: a blueberry, which is a little odd because Luke has them every morning for breakfast.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I could really use a scale for this part.  I'll only be able to update this once a month from my dr visits.  So can I say nothing so far?

Maternity Clothes: Nope!  Haven't even thought about digging them out yet.  Because once I do there is no turning back.

Gender: Until we find out for sure in a few months, I'll just be guessing. Fingers crossed for a boy!

Movement: I would like to say yes, but I'm guessing it's just gas bubbles since it's only the size of a blueberry.

Sleep: I've only missed one day on taking a nap.

What I miss: Sushi.  And Dr. Pepper or coffee all day every day.  I splurged on a DP the other day and it was hard to stop at just one!

Cravings: I've been loving baked potato soup.  And candy.  But if I've always craved candy I guess I can't really call it a pregnancy craving.

Symptoms: Luckily the last couple of days I haven't been as nauseous as I've been the last few weeks.  Other than that just sore boobs (which was actually my first symptom before I even found out I was knocked up) and the tiredness.  And a little cranky sometimes.

Best Moment this week: Totally not pregnancy related, but Luke singing with us in church yesterday!

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Melanie said...

Your tiny little bump is so cute! Congratulations!