Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eat him up

Okay, are you ready? 

Are you ready to die?

(excuse the gimpy hands, he was about to run at me)

I could not get enough of this little boy today in that bow tie.  Could not.  On top of that, he was such a good boy in church today.  We were standing and singing a song when all of the sudden I heard a little voice next to my ear singing a babbling tune with us.  I almost cried.  Does it get any better than seeing your 2 year old worship with you?  The only little hiccup was when one of his cars got away from him and rolled two rows up.  What's any little boy to do?  Why crawl commando style up to get it of course!  The lady in front of us had to fish him out from under the pew in front of her and passed him back. 

After church we went to Chipotle for lunch with Mom and Dad, then came home for nap time.  He went right down for a nap and I crawled into bed too.  First I watched a little Gilmore Girls on tv (still one of my all time faves) then dozed myself.  For 2 hours.  I woke up before Luke did, just in time for the Cowboy game to start, so I turned on the tv and got out the laptop.  Eventually Luke woke up and got to playing, and before I knew it the clock said 5 and I was starving.  Still in bed.  Cody forged us a pizza for dinner and then I headed out to Walmart for our weekly grocery trip.

Oh ya'll.  The most embarrassing thing happened.  I was in the kid's clothes section getting some pieces that will be a part of Luke's Halloween costume.  I had walked away from my basket to look at a shirt, then turned around to a basket and started pushing it away.  Suddenly a man who didn't really speak English was following calling "hey! hey!"

Yeah.  I took their basket.  Sooooo embarrassed.  Then, to make matters worse, I couldn't find MY basket.  I had left it in a completely different spot than I thought.  This pregnancy stuff is messing with my brain in a bad way.

Tonight I got sucked into 2 hours of Sister Wives.  Have you seen this new show on TLC?  It's about a  polygamist family.  I could never do that.  There is no way I would be able to deal with the emotional aspects my husband having other wives.  I don't think he could deal other wive anyway.  I'm kinda a lot to handle.

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Anonymous said...

Is that not the cutest little man you have ever seen? I could just eat him up with kisses! :)

~Luke's Nana~