Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall might be here

This morning I woke up and the house was 68.  68!  I don't even know how cold it was outside to get that chilly inside.  But I guess I should really clarify.  It was 68 when I got out of bed for good.  Not when I first woke up.

See, last night was not a great night.  I had opened the windows yesterday afternoon, but the air didn't ever come on to help filter out whatever gunk floated in, and my allergies were totally out of control.  Totally.  I'm hating the inside of my face right now.  There was no sleep to be had.  About 5:15 I heard the bedroom door open.  Propping myself up a little I call out "Luke?  Luke is that you?" but there was no answer.  Weird.  When he wakes up before us he ALWAYS starts gabbing before reaching the bed.  And if for some reason he doesn't then, he most definitely will when you acknowledged him.  Not this time though.  A few seconds later I heard padded feet coming closer and a face appeared next to mine.  Holding puppy.  Again weird, he never brings puppy.  I asked him if he was okay, no answer, so I just haul him up into our bed.  He immediately snuggled down smack dab in the middle of my pillow and was still.  This is a child who has never ever ever slept with us because being in our bed is a party.  You can't stop his giggling.  Weird.  Well, I couldn't go back to sleep for my allergies, the nose blowing was ridiculous, but that didn't seem to phase him either.  He slept right on through it all, the alarm that went off, Cody taking a shower and getting dressed.

Isn't that the oddest thing?  Here's the kicker- I'm pretty sure he was sleep walking.  Eek!  Now my sister did when she was little, and my aunt and cousin still do on occasion, so I'm no stranger to the sleep walker.  I just never thought my child would be one of them!  Yet another reason I'm glad we have a dog....there is no way he'd get past an outside door without Daisy fussing about it. 

After all of that, I couldn't even have a relaxing morning because I had a dr appointment to get to!  Mom met me at the office to watch the boys while I went back, and I even got another quick sono.  The baby is obviously bigger with a definite heartbeat.  What a relief!  I've now gotten to see this baby twice, and it STILL doesn't always feel real.  Sometimes it does, I get excited about meeting my new kid, seeing what he looks like, feeling the weight of him in my arms, but sometimes it just doesn't seem real.  Like I can't imagine my life different than it is now- me with two kids, Luke with a sibling, shuffling our lives/stuff/love/routine around to accommodate a new being. 

Now I'm hitting the sheets early.  Here's to hoping tonight's a better night and my face doesn't blow itself off.

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