Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change of plans for dinner

Today was a semi-productive day.  Cody asked me to do a couple of things, and I actually remembered to do them!  He wanted me to pick up some pre-emergent for the lawn's winter weeds.  Do other places in the country have winter weeds?  Boy, we do.  Remember Easter?  Yeah, it's not supposed to be that green out yet.  I also got yesterday's 5 loads of laundry folded, ironed, and put away 

Tonight for dinner I had planned on thawing a steak and cooking up some green beans.  Then I was reminded that Dicky's BBQ was having their anniversary special of $1 pulled pork sandwiches.  Um, yes please!  Cody had to work late, so we didn't end up getting out the door until 6:30.  We got there, found a parking spot in the packed joint, and took our place in line.  After about 10 minutes they announced they had run out of pulled pork.  Boooooooooooooooooooooo.  But in that time I had realized what I really wanted was fried catfish.  Mmm.  Fried. Catfish.  I told Cody what I wanted and he offered to take me to Razoo's.  At first I said no, we didn't need to spend that kind of money.  Then he said we could get fried pickles too.  Oh babe.  You had me at fried pickles. 

So we went.  And I stuffed  my face with fried food goodness.   The only thing better than fried pickles and fried catfish is fried pickles/catfish with an icy cold Shiner.  Unfortunately the baby in my tummy said no, so I  just got a Dr. Pepper.  And it was a really good DP too. 

Now I think I'll polish off the evening with a handful of Halloween candy.

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Lucy Marie said...

dude when i was pg all i ever wanted was fried food. i'm surprised eva didnt come out battered!!