Saturday, October 23, 2010

Avoiding the necessary

Last night when we went to bed, I asked Cody if it was okay  if I left every single one of Luke's books strewn all over the floor as they were.  And left all of his trucks and cars out.  Not because Cody cares, but because I needed permission to not to have to clean them.  He said of course. 

So I didn't. 

And guess what?  When I woke up this morning, the horrendous mess was still in my living room.  And had expanded to the kitchen.  Not sure when that happened. 

Luke and I ate breakfast, and then I noticed two different people mention a craft fair at one of the local high schools, so of course I wanted to check it out.  So I threw some close on me and the boy and ran out the door.  I was super glad I put some decently cute clothes on us (and a couple of rockin' hats to cover up bed heads) because I ran into no less than a million people I knew.  Most which I hadn't seen in well over a year.  Plus it was a great craft fair, with a ton of vendors.  I didn't buy anything, but Luke and I had fun looking.  He was a great little shopper.  I didn't take a stroller and he stayed right with me the whole time, either holding my hand or sitting on my hip.  I love that little dude!

45 minutes later our field trip was over, and I was none to keen to get back to the house to face the mess.  So what did I do?  The only logical thing.  Stall by going over to Mom and Dad's.  We got there a little before 11 and stayed until 1 when I knew Luke needed a nap.  I didn't mean to stay that long, or to bum lunch off of them, but we did and it was good.  In the short 3 minute ride home the weather went from slightly sprinkling to torrential rains.  Turns out there there were tornadoes in the area.  Oops!  But the dark clouds and rain were perfect sleeping weather, and we slept from 1:30 to almost 4.  Any bets on if I'm gonna sleep tonight?! 


Kate @ The Other Me said...

I'm usually obsessive about tidying up before I leave the house or before we go to bed - but sometimes it is nice just leaving it be, even though you have to deal with it in the morning!

Liam's Mom said...

A good friend of mine told me that her biggest pain-in-the-arse complaint about being pregnant with baby #2 was that bending over was a lot more uncomfortable a lot earlier. So far I haven't noticed it. But I have noticed that I'm winded when I have to bend over and pick up all the toys & books. Not that I care about the mess all that much! Keep the bending over thing in mind.