Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Funday

Lord.  Have.  Mercy. 

This child was busier than all get out before church this morning.  I have never. ever. seen someone have that much energy at 8 AM.  Like, rolling all over the floor, running in circles, terrorizing the dog, body slamming pillows.  I was all too happy to pass him off to his bible school teachers this morning.  And when I did, I told them "Yeah, good luck with that."  After bible class, during the service, it was my turn to have nursery duty.  I guess it came at a good time so that Luke could just keep going with the energy.  After church Luke and I had lunch with our friends the Sloan's at Einstein Brothers Bagles.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  It was good.

When we got home I figured that Luke would go down for a nap no problem since he'd been going non stop since 8.  I should know better than by now.  Of course he didn't want to nap.  We started at 1:30 and he didn't sleep until 3.  It's been like this all week, and I'm so afraid he's starting to give up nap time in general. 


Please don't give up nap time!

While he was "sleeping" I sat on the couch and watched the National Geographic Channel.  There was NOTHING on.  And I was still choosing to ignore the piles and piles of crud everywhere, just praying that no one would pop over.  This left me with only one thing to watch: In the Womb.  Yes, I'm now well versed in how puppies, elephants, dolphins, sharks, and kangaroos develop.  And yes, that many animals means I watched more than one episode.  What a life I lead.

Tonight Luke and I went to small groups at the Hodges.  I took us some Boston Market for dinner and I even splurged and got us an extra side of cinnamon apples.  But when we got out to the Hodges (who live 25 minutes from us) guess what I didn't have in my bag?  That's right, the cinnamon apples.  Oh, I was so mad.  I was looking forward to that!  Oh well.  We still had a nice time, visiting with friends (me) and playing with new toys (Luke).  And now I'm hoping my son will go to bed easy tonight.  I know I will.  I called it yesterday, I didn't sleep well last night at ALL.  Darn long nap.  That's why I suffered through NGC this afternoon instead of sleeping.  I'm exausted now, but at least I'll sleep!

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