Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crayon roll

So, I whipped up the crayon roll today.  It only took me an hour or two to finish (it's hard to tell how long I was actually working when I've got a boy who is busy busy busy every single minute and a husband who is silly silly silly every single minute.  I'm usually a bit distracted.) and while I'm very pleased with how my first attempt turned out, they do call it a "first attempt" for a reason.

Things I would change for next time: 
-use thinner felt, what I had on hand was a bit bulky
-attempt to measure more precisely, I'm terrible about that
-center the elastic better, oi it's going to drive me nuts that it's not
-leave a bigger space to turn it inside out (that was probably the hardest part of the whole thing)

See?  Not anything big or bad that I would fix for the next time.  Just live and learn kinds of things. 

The rest of today was an easy breezy kind of day.  Luke dive bombed my bed pillows this morning like he always does, and today he finally hit the edge of the nightstand.  I've been waiting for it.  I knew it would happen eventually.  And it finally did.  It also caused our first blood-induced injury.  He's got a nice little wound on his ear right where it meets his head. It caused us to be a few minutes late to bible class, but then there turned out to be hardly anyone there anyways so it didn't really matter. 

After church I went with the family to Schlotzsky's to eat and then I came home to put the Busy Body down for a nap.  While he slept I organized all my pictures from this year so that I can start on our 2010 photo book.  The year's almost half over and I haven't even started on it.  Yikes.  My goal was to really stay on top of it so that on January 1, 2011 I could hit upload and have my book ASAP, but I haven't stuck to it.  Although I think a goal of having a month done each week is totally attainable and would put me back on track. 

And I just realized all of this sounds about as boring as it really is.  So I'll finish up the day in one sentence.  After the organizing I made the crayon roll, after the roll Ashley came over and we ordered pizza and watched Harry Potter. 

The End.


Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like a good, relaxing Sunday .. aside from Luke's injury of course.

Erin said...

Not boring! This is the stuff I totally think about! Ha ha.

PS - what software do you use for your photo books? I need to get on that too.... I promised myself I'd already have from Jan - May done. And so far I have, um, Jan 1st done. Boo un-done projects!

~Erin M.

Farmgirl Paints said...

You've been busy girl. Cute little crayon organizer:)