Monday, May 10, 2010

Popsicles, family, and UPS

This morning I decided to make a roast for dinner.  What's that?  Lindsey cooking?  Why yes, I did.  But Cody and I don't do left overs, and you can't buy a roast for just two people (yeah right, like Luke would eat any of it!) so I thought why not invite someone over?  Nothing like putting someone on the spot like that!  I called up Cody's cousin, Tara, and invited her and her husband over for dinner. 

That left me T-minus-8 hours to get the house in order.  And it needed it, due to a little boy playing mountain goat with the couch cushions and lining every single matchbox car up in a row in various locations.  Not my idea of decor.  I didn't end up really doing much, just got the dirt off the floor.  And I mowed.  Well, I didn't so much mow for Tara and Drew as more for the city.  I am NOT about to get another notice.  The Branches just offered one more penny in the jar as to why I should get out and bite the bullet.  Is that a saying?  Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, I got my two chores done and I had a lot of time left over.  Several weeks ago I bought some frozen strawberry fruit bars as a snack for Luke and I.  Except I've never pulled them out of the freezer.  Today I changed that.  I introduced Luke to the popsicle.  He wasn't too impressed.  The bar was rather big for him, and the stick part was too short for him to hold onto properly.  He wanted nothing to do with stickiness on his hands.

He got about a fourth of the way through, put it down on my clean floor, and walked away.  It took me a few seconds to choose whether to chase after the stick fingers and clean them, or clean the popsicle off the floor before the dog got to it.  Decisions decisions.  I chose the fingers. 

Then in mid afternoon the UPS man showed up with my long awaited second set of toddler sheets!  Do you know how annoying it is to only have one set of sheets for your child.  YESTERDAY we had our first in bed peepee accident.  I had gotten comfortable and thought he didn't need his sleep shorts yesterday at nap time.  WRONG.  When he woke up I went in there and he was butt naked with his entire bed wet.  Now did he take his diaper off before he fell asleep, peepeed in his sleep, and SLEPT IN IT, or did it all go down after he woke up.  We may never know.  But I do know how annoying it was to strip his bed (I made a big deal about having to clean it up.  Maybe he got the message?) and then remember to put it in the dryer before bed time.  Which I didn't.  So at 8:30 we were scrambling to find something for him to sleep on.  Why couldn't the sheets have gotten here one day sooner?
Dinner was a success, they were very compliementary of my roast, and we enjoyed visiting.  It had actually been a few months since we've talked at all, so it was good to catch up.  Isn't that sad when they only live 30 minutes away? 

And if you didn't see our weekend adventure, you can read about Thursday, Friday, and Saturday too.

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Lucy Marie said...

Cleaning up the fingers first was definitely the right choice. The Popsicle on the floor couldn't spread too far by itself .. the fingers on the other hand, could do serious damage.