Friday, May 21, 2010

Herb seed update

So most of my seeds are doing pretty well.  Nothing has been growing in the black pot, and I think I may have forgotten to add seeds in there.  So today I put rosemary seeds in, maybe in a couple of weeks she'll be green too.

Basil has really taken off.  Parsley is coming in a close second, while Cilantro was doing good at first, but it seems she's developed some unwanted friends.

What do I do about that?  Are they going to ruin the whole thing? 

And don't be fooled by the big mint plant in the green and blue pot.  The mint seeds in the little silver tin are only just now maybe coming through.  I didn't think they would ever show up, so I just cheated and went to Lowe's and bought that plant you see.  I noticed today that there seems to be something else growing with the mint seeds.

See that big sprout with the two pointed leaves?  I'm not sure what that is.  I'm pretty sure it's not a mint sprout, because if you can tell in the lower right quadrent those little green specks are what I think are the mint sprouts.  If I have a weed in my little pot I'm going to be super annoyed. 

And jumping back to the green and blue pot, I just bought that and painted yesterday.  I sat outside to get some sun, and it was so hot that I thought by the time I was finished with the grey decorative paint that the green was throughly dry, so I went ahead and potted the mint plant and watered it.  Apparently when you do that before the paint is completely dry it bubbles up like this.

At first I thought it was little drops of water and I was confused as to why it wasn't drying whent the temperatures have been in the upwards of 90.  That would be because they are bubbles under the paint.  Awesome.  I'm wondering if I let it dry out for a day or so (hopefully without killing the plant) if the paint would lay flat again.  Also, I found quite a few ants on the pot.  It's a sweet mint plant, so is that attracting the ants?  Can I do something about those unwanted friends too?

This growing stuff seems to be more trouble than it's worth.

Shifting topics, I had a lovely evening with my son tonight.  We went to this new little pizza place and it was YUMMY.  Luke and I sat outside on the patiosince it was beautiful out and he was able to roam around a bit while we waited for the pizza to come out.  He didn't want to eat when the pizza came, but I made him stay in his chair while I ate my two slices.  OF COURSE when I finished eating he was ready to try his slice, and we ended up sitting there 40 extra minutes while he slllllllowly ate a whole piece.  Someone needs to tell this kid that it's polite to eat at the same time.  Not after I'm already done.  But since he did so good on his dinner I took him over to a yougurt place.  He sat in my lap and we share a strawberry frozen yougurt with chocolate chips.  Mmmmm.  We had such a nice time tonight!

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