Thursday, May 13, 2010

Much better day

Whew.  I don't think I could have taken the screaming much longer.  Not only did Luke's fever break, but it dipped down low all day.  Like stayed at 96.4.  Is that normal? 

Whatever the answer is, my happy boy was back.  Which meant there were matchbox cars every where.  What's that thing you're sitting on?  Oh, excuse that truck.  The item that you stepped on in the hall and is now causing you extreme pain?  Oops, it was a monster truck.  So instead of all the trucks being here like they should be:

(their empty box)
they are here:

(do you see how there is one line of nicely lined ordered cars, and then a pile up behind it? Does that mean anything?)

But you know what?  I love having a boy.  I love having trucks everwhere.  It makes me giggle with happiness when if feel little wheels on my leg and hear "kkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk"  (that's his car noise).  I love it when he makes a big pile out of pillows and laughs hysterically as he timmmmmbers down into them.  Love.  It.

Now I know that once someone has a fever you are supposed to wait 24 hours after it breaks to consider them non-contagious.  Which would have ended tonight.  But I just couldn't wait.  Sonic happy hour was calling my name.  And Hobby Lobby was too.  I got some more ribbons to trim out baby gifts, coasters to try out a new idea, and some jewelry making items to try out another new idea.  That's what happens when you've spent an entire day listening to a baby cry and are attempting to distract yourself.  I also go the rest of the laundry done (the laundry I started on Monday and have NOT been able to finish) and made a crock pot dinner tonight.  It was a sweet potato/black bean/chicken thigh dinner that Cody loved  but I felt was a little too spicy.  I think if I make it again I'll use a little less cumin.  That's spicy right?  But that's not the point.  I've made TWO dinners this week that were THOUGHT OF AHEAD of time and PLANNED.  I'm getting good baby.


Lucy Marie said...

Mm that dinner sounds good. Cumin is my favorite spice. Will you send me the recipe? I have been BORING in the kitchen lately.

Anonymous said...

So glad that little Luke is better! Who would have thought that little boys could be so much fun! :)

~Luke's Nana~