Sunday, May 16, 2010

No rhyme or reason

Yesterday I had an amazing Dr. Pepper.  And it got me to thinking about how to preserve the wonderfulness so that it wouldn't go flat if I didn't get to finish the cup (fat chance.  The entire large soda was gone before I got home 2 miles away).  Then I got to thinking about this special vacuum cork my mom gave me that seals a bottle of wine and allows it to last for weeks after you open it.  What if I took a clean wine bottle, poured in my DP, and then sealed it.  That would keep it fizzy right?  I asked Dad at lunch today and he said wrong.  It would actually make it flat faster.  The vacuum cork sucks all the air out of the bottle and carbonated beverages actually need air pumped IN to up the pressure to keep it fizzy.  Who knew?  Good thing I didn't try it out.  So someone needs to come up with a special bottle lid that you could pump air through to repressurize the bottle and keep the coke fizzy.  Please and thank you.

Cody was still on the sick bay today, which meant another day of laying in bed moaning.  It also meant I had another long day of single parenting today.  First we went to church, where Luke looked extra cute.  I let him wear his jeans with his navy blazer and it was PRECIOUS. 

When we got home I put him down for a nap and then headed back up to the church for Brandy's shower. 

This is what I couldn't show you.  I made a big/little brother set for Zane and Jacob/Jack/Caleb/Chewbacca (don't ask).

After the shower I went over to the Coulter's so that Terry could diagnos my new "check engine" light that came on in my car three days ago.  Turns out it's emissions. 

Then I went home and suprise!  Luke was awake.  That's when the weird started happening.  I found this hair on my head. 

Have you ever seen anything like it? (yes, I have grey hair.  And I love it.)

He tired to put on my sandles but got them stuck on his ankle.

Luke found something under the entertainment center that he wanted and when I looked to retrieve it I found a sippy cup.  I can't remember the last time I looked under there.  Before I cracked that puppy open I thought it was wise to shake it.  A liquid sound would mean that it was probably juice and safe to open.  No sound or a thumping noise would mean it was milk gone past the point of no return.  It sounded liquidy, but when I unscrewed it enough to just barely see darkness inside it an overwhelming puke smell hit my nose, and I slammed the lid shut.  TOSS.  And I had to stick my nose in Luke's banana he was eating to get the toxic fumes out of my nostrils. 

Eventually I got bored and went in to the bedroom to bother Cody.  Luke went into the bedroom to bother my bed pillows.  Fort anyone?

And for some reason I've been labeled the hold-it lady.  Every time Luke decides he doesn't want whatever is in his hand, he gives it too me.  Here Momma, hold my sandwich.  I know my plate is only THREE INCES away, but you look like you need a job to do.  And that Willow Tree figure you like to put on the entertaiment center shelf?   I think you should hold that too.  And my cup.  And a fence peice from my farm set. 

Not even kidding.  All of these items are right here in my lap.  (*edit* they were....I wrote from there up late this afternoon, and obviously this last part about dinner when I got home.  Just thought I would clarify.)

I put the child to bed about 20 minutes early so that I could go grab some dinner.  I ended up eating at the bar of a local sushi place, and it was utterly wonderful.  The 40 minutes that I got to sit there, all alone, eating my favorite roll in the whole world, drinking something that didn't come from a plastic bottle or the faucet, compeletly refreshed me.  Bring it on, Tomorrow.  I'm ready for you.

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