Saturday, May 29, 2010

A sew good day

Eh?  Eh?  You like the title?  I've confessed how much I hate trying to title these things each time, so when I come up with a good pun I'm especially proud.  Like today.  Cause I did a lot of sewing.  Oh, I crack me up. 

Yesterday Luke got evaluated by a speech pathologist.  At 8:30 in the morning. Oi.  That set us up for a long day.  She didn't get to hear him babble and jabber too much because Luke wanted no part of her.  It must have been the early-ness of the appoitment.  As soon as she walked in the door he shrieked and ran away from her.  Not kidding.  Then he spent the majority of the time sitting in my lap avoiding her eyes.  My kid.  The one who refuses to cuddle or rock or show any kind of affection and could care less where I am most of the time and generally has no preference about other people.  Funny thing was...she was really nice.  I like her.  She said that he is most likely what they call a "late talker", a kid who has all the capabilities but just doesn't do it until much later than normal kids.  She said his receptive language was phenomenal and she could tell that he was very smart (I didn't beam at all or anything when she said that), and the fact that he jabbers as much as he does is a good sign that he probably won't have big articulation problems later.  He is still going to recieve services from her though, so twice a month she will come out to work with him.  For anyone that is keeping count that is basically once a week that someone comes to our home to help him.  How do working mothers with special needs do it?  I would be so stressed out trying to get everything scheduled.

She was gone by 9:15, so that meant I literally had the ENTIRE DAY with nothing to do and I was already dressed.  Bah.  My house had been cleaned, the laundry was caught up, and my leg muscles were too sore to try and pull more weeds.  Plus I had already showered and being outside for any amount of time would induce sweaty-ness.  Yes folks, it's already hot enough to work up a sweat just to get to the store from the parking lot.  It's awesome.  I ended up pulling out the fabric and sewing machine and starting on some projects I had going in the back of my head. 

This is for a baby shower that will be coming up eventually.  Might as well get it knocked out!  I'd had the cup cake idea in my head for a long time, but I've never gotten around to making it!


These two things are actually going to be shipped to a girl out of state.  Can you believe it?  I'm SHIPPING something!  I'm kinda feeling like a real business person or something.  Just don't tell anyone that it's really someone I've known for a long time now. 

Also, have I ever told you how much Luke loves tomatoes?  They are his very favorite food in the whole world.  This is a picture of him tonight with a 1/4 of a tomato.

Yep, he just runs around the house eating them.  That's pretty much all he ate for dinner tonight, too.  He didn't like the steak that I made.  With garlic, and paprika, and cilantro, and pepper, and salt.  Mmmm.   And excuse the jammies.  We didn't go anywhere today either.  Just finished up all of the crafty things!  Tomorrow or Monday I'm super excited to try a tutorial for a crayon roll.  I thought about trying to knock it out today so he would have it tomorrow for church, but then I ate strawberry short cake instead. 


Lucy Marie said...

I absolutely LOVE!!!!!! the cupcake onesie. I have a cupcake outfit already for my baby if she's a girl :) ... people have to know her mama is a kitchen gal ;)

CanDance English said...

YOU ARE SOOOO TALENTED!! . . . I love reading your BLOG and seeing the different things you create each time . . .