Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Worst. Day. Ever.

All you really need to know can be summed up in two words:  Sick Baby. 

Am I going to leave it at two words?  No.

It all started yesterday morning.  I was going to take the boys to the park so of course I had change Luke out of his jammies into play clothes.  That's when I noticed the rash.  His entire torso was covered in thousands of tiny red dots, front and back.  I called the pediatrician to see what they would say, and I took his temperature.  Turns out it was 102.3.  So we didn't make it to the park, and we did make it to a 2:45 doctor's appointment.  Fun way to spend the afternoon. 

They ended up telling me is was just a little virus and they couldn't really do anything for him.  That was after they swabbed him for strep throat.  My poor baby.  We got home and his temperature spiked up 102.9.  I feel that is scary high.  And don't laugh at me, but the only thermometer that I owned was the one the hospital sent home with me, so I have always taken his temperature rectally.  He actually endures it just fine.  Don't judge.  I gave him some medicine and we waited to see if it would come down. 

When I took his temp again an hour and a half later it had only come down to 102.1.  Booooo.  I had dinner plans with my girlfriends and was actually headed out the door at that point.  I did feel guilty most of the night for leaving him, but he was with Cody and I knew that it was very close to bedtime.  So I went.  But after dinner I stopped at Target and stocked up on a new ear thermometer (OMG how did I live without that thing!), generic Tylenol and Motrin (because of the recall), rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide (I was just out of those).  When I got home I took Luke's temp with the new thermometer and I didn't have to wake him up!  Amazing!  It was still above 101 so I gave him more meds (yep, I ended up waking him anyway). 

I set the alarm and woke up at 2 to check his was back to normal!  So when the alarm went off at 4 to check his temp I didn't get up.  Then a little while later I heard him chit chatting to himself.  I figured he would go back to sleep and let it go.  A few minutes later I realized that the talking was from a different direction than his bedroom.  I got up to investigate.  I sure did find him at the back door, staring out the window, talking to the stars or God or himself.  Oh my.  All I could do was giggle as I scooped him up and up him back in bed. 

So that novel brings us to today.  Are you still with me?  You'll be glad to know that there isn't much to say about today besides that it sucked the big one.  I took his temperature every 20 minutes (because I can!) and it bounced from normal to 101 all day.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Which made him horribly emotional.  My precious boy screamed for at least 75% of the day, and I had to hold him the entire time.  The one time I tried to give him medicine to get the fever down he got so hysterical that he threw it up.  I didn't try again after that.  Thankfully he is in bed now, resting, with a normal temperature.  Lets all pray he sleeps it off tonight. 

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Lucy Marie said...

oh you poor thing. I hope that today is going much much better for you. Thinking of you!