Monday, May 3, 2010

Terrified boy

If you will recall on Friday I told you about how Lukie was absolutely terrified of the band-aid.  Well, today I realized that it's not just band-aids, it's all things with an adhesive (oh I hate that word) back.  Like stickers.

Yesterday durning the service at church Mom pulled out a sheet of stickers to occupy Luke's time with.  He wanted no part of them, but that's typical.  He generally just wants to sit and make a cell phone light up before I haul him back to the kid's room to play.  So this morning I pulled them back out.  Enter the look of terror on his face, again.  I don't know what it is!  Ever the fool, I stuck it to my forhead just to show him that it was a silly fun thing, not a scary thing.  And there is a chance I may have chased him around the living room threatening to butt my head into him with it as he ran away screaming.  A chance. 


Lucy Marie said...

That is too funny. I really wonder what it is about sticky things?

Liam's Mom said...

On a related note, my cats absolutely adore the paper off the back of stickers/adhesives. They will run off and hide it so they can chew it. Especially the strips off of sticky envelopes.