Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day one of trip

It's Friday afternoon and I'm sitting here in a hotel room watching my baby sleep.  Actually, I'm not facing him, I'm facing a mirror where I can see him behind me in the bed.  It's not creepy at all.  We didn't bring the pack and play for him to sleep on, I'm letting him sleep in the 2nd queen bed in here.  Did you hear that?  My BABY is in a BIG bed and doing fine.  *sigh*  Someone remind me in 16 years when I'm ready to punt him out the door that at one time little things like this meant a lot to me. 

Are you wondering where I am?  Well, I have left the comforts of Texas and made my way to Arkansas, where my little sister is graudating from college this weekend.  We've made a big weekend out of it. 

Yesterday morning we had some time before we hit the road, so I took advantage of it and got a pedicure.  About half way through it my phone rings and when I answer no one was there.  The caller ID said Mom, so I kept saying "Mom?  Mom?  Is everything okay?  Are you there?  Mom?"  A few seconds later I hear "apoijeaklndlkfn akhiodaiehiaojrweasdjf kj"  Ahh.  Luke found the phone when Nana wasn't looking.  I'm sure that all the Korean ladies were laughing at me a*s I repeated for a solid minute and a half "Luke, give the phone to Nana.  Go find Nana, baby.  Luke where is Nana."  And he just jibber jabbered to me like there wasn't a care in the world.  Finally Mom realized what was going on and got the phone, and I was able to go back to relaxing.  While I was relaxing I noticed how tiny the Korean women's feet were.  I may have gotten a little jealous.  I've always wanted tiny feet.  In fact, if you've known me long then you know that I used to buy shoes a size too small just so they would look smaller.  Please still be my friend.  I promise I don't (hardly) do that any more. 

Anyway, I got my pedicure and we got on the road.  Have you ever sat next to an almost 2 year old for six hours in a car.  Not the best thing.  But with a stop to stretch our legs and get candy, we made it to Searcy.  We got checked into our hotel room and boy, was it nice!  Luke and I got our own room since Cody would be coming in really late the next night, hence the reason he got to sleep in his own big bed.   Ashley came over to the hotel and we were hugging and catching up and making plans for dinner in the lobby when Mom says "Lindsey, where is your son?"  Uhhhhhhhh.......does anyone else just assume that someone is watching your child when there is a whole bunch of family standing around?  No, just me?  Between Mom, Dad, Ashley, Grandmother, and myslef, I figure someone had eye balls on him.  Except then I saw him running outside in the drive way.  I haven't run that fast in a long time.  The doors of the hotel are the automatic sliding ones.  He had walked up to the glass to stare outside and they just sliiiiiiiiiid right on open.  He made a break for it. 

Luke figured out that there was music coming from those little white things in Momma's ears.  The rest of the time I had my ipod out we had to share.
He self soothes by hooking the blanket I made through his fingers and then rubbing under his nose with it.  Apparently I did this as a small child too!

We got ourselves collected and headed out to dinner.  Ashley took us to a brick oven pizza place.  It was delicious!  And you would never guess who I ran into.... my old friend Lindsay!  We were really close freshman year, and then I transfered to ACU and we lost touch.  I couldn't believe it!  We instantly started chatting and it was like the 9 years of absence had never been there.  I got her number and we made loose plans to hang out the next night.  I told her to look me up when she got home on Facebook so we could keep tabs on each other, and she told me SHE DOESN'T FACEBOOK.  OR TEXT.  I was a little am I supposed to see a million pictures of her baby, share a million pictures of my baby, and be able to keep up with her?  *shrug*  I guess we'll figure it out. 

After dinner we went over to Ashley's house to help her finish packing.  Or should I say pretty much help her start packing.  I was shocked at her room when we showed up.  Ms.  Bossy instantly kicked in, but I don't think she was appreciated very much.  Eventually we just went back to the hotel room and crashed.  Thursday was finally over. 

* The astrick is where I got interrupted and didn't get to finish till Sunday afternoon, even though I have gone back  and post dated these to the day that it happened.  Since this blog is mainly a journal for myself and my family, my OCD side needed it to be in chronological order.

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Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like it was a decent weekend! By the way, what school did your sister go to? I have a few friends who went to school in Arkansas.