Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Toys in various places

Well, first off, since I know you are on the edge of you seat just DYING to know what those letters look like I mentioned yesterday, here they are.

Won't they fit in perfectly with the vintage cowboy theme?  I have to give a shout out to my dear Sara who has them for Ryan's room and I decided I just had to have them too.  Also, one of the hats that I ordered off Etsy last Monday came in today.  I tried so hard to get a good picture of Luke wearing it.  This was the best I could do.

Most of them turned out like this.

Speaking of the little stinker, he knows he's really not supposed to have his paci when he's out of bed.  This leads to many times during the day when I realize it's a little too quiet and I find him here.

Lounging in bed with paci.  I know I need to start weaning him off of it, but for some reason I'M the one having trouble lettting go.  I think maybe it's because that paci is about the only thing linking him to his baby hood.  *sniff sniff*  Well, except for the diapers, but I could totally let those go at any point.  My little mischief maker also got a little creative with his toys today.  I usually clean the bathrooms during nap time, to keep little fingers and noses away from chemicals, but today I thought I'd tackle it while dinner was cooking.  As I was cleaning Luke's sink I heard a plop.

Yep, we have our first toilet toy.  Let's just hope I made a big enough deal about how yucky and bad and no no no no no it was to do that, so he never tries it again.  At least he hadn't gotten to the flusher yet, right?  Mr. Penguin now has a new home....the trash.  I hadn't cleaned the toilet yet.  I also found several toys in the fireplace tonight.

Yes.  I pulled every single one of those out tonight.  Fantastic.  The alligator is Kayden's too.  I hope I can get it clean tomorrow.  Now that I mention cleaning, I sure did a lot of it today.  I got the laundry and ironing done, the bathrooms clean, and the floors swept and mopped.  Plus at nap time I pulled 3/4 of a trash bag of crab grass.  It was just too darn hot to pull any more.  Instead I laid on the back porch with the garden hose running on me.  You know, to get my strength back.

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Lucy Marie said...

I love his hat! It's so cute. And toys in the toilet? What's wrong with that? Are you telling me that's not where they are supposed to go?