Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weekend and Monday

Can I just tell you how much I hate having to come up with titles for these things?  I don't know why, I just loath the few minutes that I have to spend attempting to come up with something witty.  Or not so witty. 

This weekend went by really fast.  Saturday we got up and went to Cody's company picnic.  Except it wasn't a picnic, it was at a place called Strikez that had bowling and laser tag and games and prizes.  I told Cody that it wasn't a picnic since the only time we were outside was getting to and from the car and there wasn't a big blanket with watermelon on it.  We actually argued for about 20 minutes on the definition of a picnic.  I said there had to be food and outdoors for it to be a picnic.  He dissagreed.  But how can you dissagree with that?  Please.  I won that one hands down. 

Anyway, back to the family outing.

We had fun!  Cody and I bowled a round (I hit my personal best at 86) while Luke attempted to get his fingers smashed by every ball in the joint.  The company gave us game passes for the arcade, so after we were done bowling I let Luke play a driving game.

I pushed on the gas while he steered.  Except half way through I looked over and he might have been steering with his hands, but he sure was watching what the kid next to him was doing.  I took over after that.  Then he sat with Cody as he played a game.

And after that Cody went to play a shooting game and I put Luke in a car to a driving game that was "on vacation" (broken) and he spent 20 minutes driving that thing.  It was awesome parenting. 

Later that night Cody and I went to dinner with some friends.  I was the ultimate BFF's with this girl in middle school, but in high school we drifted apart.  Cody and I both have been good friends with this guy for most of our lives.  As in, he was a groomsman in our wedding and everything.  Well, they've recently started dating.  Weird, right?  Anyway, we had a great time with them at dinner.  I hope we get to go out with them more!

Sunday was a typical Sunday.  Bible class, service, nap, small groups.  We had small groups at a park last night and grilled out hamburgers/hotdogs (*cough* food+outside=picnic *cough*).  It was such a nice evening.  We even got a group picture (once again thanks to John)!  We are missing 4 or 5 families but it's something.

Today I got the floors swept, mopped and vacuumed.  Niki came over for a while to visit.  There was a Ghost Whisper marathon that I may have gotten sucked into.  Luke was detirmined to get into everything that he wasn't supposed to.  Like the dishwasher that was still running.   And the room where Kayden was napping to chase the dog.  And the china cabinet, to name a few.  Normally I would have at some point put him in the back yard and told him to Run it out Son, Run it out.  But the temps were just shy of 100 today so I thought overheating was more dangerous than my being annoyed by saying Get out of there! one more time. 

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Lucy Marie said...

You definitely win. A party in an arcade is NOT a picnic.